Collaborations (avant 2014)

Cette liste n’est pas exhaustive. Je remercie « dragon fly » pour m’avoir aider à la constituer.

01. Djini Judy (Wind in the willows)
02. Rainbow connection (Muppets)
03. Come back Johnny
04. Chop suey (Ramones)
05. Dolce vita suite (Amacord)
05b. Valzer (Dolce vita suite short)
06. Angel’s song (Rock and rule soundtrack)
06b. Angel’s song – full version
07. Rush Rush (scarface soundtrack)
07b. Rush Rush – extended version
08. Feel the spin (krush groove soundtrack)
09. Mind over matter (outake SAW)
10. Liar, Liar (Married to the mob soundtrack)
11. German kid (Backing vocal)
12. Mashed potatoes time (Backing vocal, Dee Dee King)
13. Invocation to papa legba (like a girl I want you to keep coming album)
14. Close your eyes (outake DD&B)
15. Summertime blues (That night soundtrack)
16. I’ll try anything once (with Paul Zone)
16b. I’ll try anything once house remix (with Paul Zone)
17. Communion (edit)
7b. Communion (alternative version, Debravation Director’s cut)
18. Black Dog (live – from Debravation Director’s cut)
19. standing in my way (with J. Ramone, Debravation Director’s cut)
20. 8 1/2 Rumba (Debravation Director’s cut)
21. On a breath (Debravation Director’s cut)
22. The Date (Debravation Director’s cut)
23. Stability (alternative version, Debravation Director’s cut)
24. Dancing Down the Moon (alternative version, Debravation Director’s cut)
25. Mood Ring (alternative version, Debravation Director’s cut)
26. My last date with you (Debravation US version)
27. Tear Drop (Debravation US version)
28. Aquarius – let the sunshine
29. Love TKO (studio)
29b. Love TKO (live)
30. Wilde horses (live)
31. Marrocan rock (pipe of pain) (from The Album: Cash Cow – The Best of Giorno Poetry System)
32. Ain’t gonna eat out my heart anymore (from intimate stranger)
33. Piece of my heart (from Intimate stanger)
34. Don’t be cruel (from the 1995 compilation « Brace Yourself! A Tribute To Otis Blackwell »)
35. strawberry field forver (from Rey Azúcar by Los Fabulosos Cadillacs)
36. Estrella de mar (from Rey Azúcar by Los Fabulosos Cadillacs)
37. Prelude to a kiss (from the « Prelude to a Kiss » soundtrack (1992))
38. Dog in sand (with Jazz Passengers – from the Jazz passengers in love)
39. No talking just head (from „No talking just head“)
40. Punk lolita (with J. Napolitano, T. Weymouth from „No talking just head)
41. Rosabelle (with Captain Howdy from „Tattoo of blood“)
42. Il n’y a plus d’après (with The Jazz Passengers from « Jazz à Saint-Germain-des-Prés »)
43. Command & obey – edit (with Groove thing)
43b. Command & obey – original mix (with Groove thing)
43c. Command & obey – various other mix (with Groove thing)
44. The city and the sea (with the Jazz Passengers)
45. Ordinary bummer (aka Adolph’s dog – more a Blondie’s song??)
46. Der einziger Weg (with Robert Jacks)
47. The only way (with Robert Jacks)
48. Well did you Evah (with Iggy Pop from « Red, Hot & Blue »)
49. Don’t cross my mind (with Die Haut from album „Head on“)
50. More More More
51. In just spring (with Joe McGinty from Caged/Uncaged (A rock, experimental homage to John Cage)
52. Ghostriders in the sky (from the movie « Three Businessmen »)
53. Fantastic faboulous (with lucious Jackson)
54. So we danced again (from « Burnzy’s Last Call » soundtrack)
55. Weird Nightmare (feat. On Andy Summer)
56. Who’s child is this (?? really??)
57. Those were the days (?? really??)
58. Cups (with Jazz passengers)
59. You’ll come to me (from Cinema Italiano)
60. When love comes by (from Cinema Italiano)
61. Me and you
62. Uncontrollable love (with Blow-up)
62b. Uncontrollable love (remix) (with Blow-up)
63. Ill wind_stormy weather (with Jazz Passengers)
64. Patience Bossa (with Perry Farrell)
65. Don’t cha wanna know
66. God save NY (feat. Miss Guy)
67. Waltzing Matilda (with Dan Zanes)
68. Tattoo of Blood (captain Howdy only back vocals)
69. Someone to watch over me (1 min. on piano)
70. New_York,_New_York_(With_Moby – various mixes)
71. Nygroove (with Miss guy)
72. This time, that place – version 1 (Eliott Sharp, Spectropia Suite)
72b.This time, that place – version 2 (Eliott Sharp, Spectropia Suite)
73. Fit-right-in
74. i Only Have Eyes For You (1 min. on piano)
75. Heat Of The Moment (with Decca Mecca)
76. Lucky jim (We Are Only Riders: The Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions)
77. Free to walk (with Nick Cave, We Are Only Riders: The Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions)
78. Live alone (with Franz Ferdinand from Franz Ferdinand Covers EP)
79. All_The_Way_(from Pie in the sky – the brigid Berlin story)
80. Pushy Jew (with Tor Hyam from Hip Hop Fantasy)
81. downtown (Eloise et savoir faire from Trash, Rats & Microphones)
82. canadian_changs (Eloise et savoir faire from Trash, Rats & Microphones)
83. One way or another (from Jazz passengers reunited)
84. Think of you (from Jazz passengers reunited)
85. West Coast Smoke (fall out boy)
86. Winner Take All (Fujimaru Jigokuhen Theme Song)
87. Foxy Lady (with Dee Dee Ramone)